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Jun 17, 2018

One of our church's core values is that as a church family, we want to empower young families in the church. We want children are both spiritually and emotionally healthy, and we believe that a child's best chance at spiritual and emotional health is to come from those spiritually and emotionally healthy family. And this includes having spiritually and emotionally healthy fathers. 

You know, the expectations of fatherhood are pretty high because our children and even our society are dependent upon having spiritually and emotionally healthy fathers.  We are dependent upon father's getting it right, but even fathers, no, they often get it wrong. We can't meet our expectations, much less the expectations that others place upon us, so how can we as fathers get it right? 

Join me as we take an honest look at scripture and look at see how fathers are made, the obstacles that they face, and how we can overcome those obstacles so that we can ourselves be healthy, but be better equipped to enable our children to be healthy.