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Apr 2, 2017

When was the last time you heard someone say, “I just want my kids to be happy?” Or “If it isn’t working for you, just do what makes you happy. Or "You deserve it, all that matters is that you are happy.” We hear statements like these all the time. They point to our culture's preoccupation with happiness.

But, what if there’s more to life than just being happy? What if the pursuit of happiness as our primary goal in life is keeping us from experiencing a better life that God intends for us to enjoy?

In this message we ask the question, “Happy or Holy?” Together we’ll look at the tale of two families out of 1 Samuel 2 and see the difference of a "happy first" perspective versus a "holy first" perspective. We'll consider what these different perspectives mean in our families and our community of faith.

At Tab, we want you to experience all the fullness of life that comes from being a fully devoted follower of Jesus. To do that, we’ve got to get this question of "happy versus holy" correct.