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Oct 29, 2023

This week is a treat (not a trick!) because Ben Hilton will be continuing our series looking at Jacob’s experience of wrestling God!

Oct 22, 2023

This Sunday we’re kicking off a new series as we discover God's plan to dwell among us through appearances of Christ in the Old Testament!

Oct 15, 2023

We’re wrapping up the series this weekend with Jesus and Eternity Part II! We will talk about being with Jesus for all eternity in the New Jerusalem.

Oct 8, 2023

This week we’re continuing the Fall Launch Series looking at Jesus in light of eternity past. We’ll be looking at Colossians 1 so bring your mental A-Game!

Oct 1, 2023

We’re continuing the series this Sunday looking at John 6. We’ll be looking at the myth of Jesus as our genie or Siri. What does Jesus mean by His claim to be the Life?