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Apr 25, 2021

This week we consider what it means to have freedom in Christ. Through baptism into Christ’s death, sin no longer reigns over us. Christ has defeated the power of sin. And now, having been set free from the penalty of sin, we can live our lives to please God.

Apr 18, 2021

Adam’s sin brought death; Christ’s accomplishment on the cross brings justification and life. That’s the message of Romans 5:12-21. The passage contrasts two men: Adam and Christ. Through grace, Christ-followers are credited with the righteousness of Christ, resulting in eternal life.

Apr 12, 2021

This week, we kick off our study of the Book of Romans by considering the powerful conjunction "therefore". This word is a humbling reminder that God spared no expense to bring us out of wrath and into adoption as sons and daughters of God.

Apr 5, 2021

Join us as we celebrate Easter Sunday and rejoice in the resurrection of Christ! Pastor Craig guides us in an invitation of new life as we celebrate Easter and conclude our series, “You’re Invited!”.

Apr 3, 2021

As we reflect on Christ’s crucifixion, Pastor Craig frames the story through the eyes of the two criminals with whom Jesus was crucified. Join us we continue our series with an invitation to forgiveness.