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Apr 14, 2024

We’ve got 5 weeks left in our study through Mark! This week we’ll be looking at the heart of worship as seen in chapter 14.

Apr 7, 2024

Today, we’re circling back to the final week of Jesus’s life by looking at Mark 13. We’ll be looking at what Jesus has to say about the End Times.

Apr 1, 2024

Join us as we celebrate the resurrection together! This year’s Easter service we’ll be looking through the lens of Mark’s gospel, focusing on what the women did NOT find in the tomb. He is Risen!

Mar 30, 2024

This Good Friday, we gather to look at Mark’s account of the crucifixion and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus through communion.

Mar 24, 2024

This Sunday it’s Palm Sunday and we’ll be looking at Jesus’s final approach to Jerusalem. Pastor Craig will share one of the great essentials of being a Jesus follower!