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Mar 28, 2022

This week, Captain Steve Moses will continue our series and tackle the big question: Wasn't there another way? Join us online or in-person to find out if the only the way to secure our salvation is through Jesus' death.

Mar 20, 2022

We're continuing the series Questioning the Cross by considering the question, “Did Jesus Really Die?” There are many ideas in the culture at large but the Bible speaks with certainty regarding the physical death of Jesus. Why is the physical death of Jesus so important? We'll dive into both questions this Sunday!

Mar 13, 2022

Spring those clocks forward as we get set for the start of a new series! This Sunday we'll begin asking some of the big questions that surround the cross starting with, “Is the cross historical?”.

Mar 6, 2022

This Sunday we're concluding the series through Jude on an encouraging note! Jude reminds us that in the face of struggle it's God's loyalty that sees us through! When it feels as though we're about to slip, God pulls us back from the edge.