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Feb 2, 2020

Last week we talked about the need for unity within the community here at Tab to have a successful ten years. Well, not only do we need unity, but we also need diversity because the scriptures speak to the need for diversity.

In first Corinthians 12, God's Word tells us that we are in one in spirit, both the Greek, the Jew, and the slave. That pretty much covers everyone. This passage also speaks to some very difficult racial tensions that the early church had to navigate to become one. Within that oneness, there was diversity. The Greeks remain Greeks, and the slaves remained slaves. However, they learned how to have church together and celebrated the different gifts that the spirit gave within their midst. The church was successful because even though it had diversity, it also had unity. In this message, we want to think about the need to celebrate our diversity. Tab has diversity, and we want to celebrate that and push that forward into the new decade so that we might at the end of ten years, be able to say that tap had a successful decade.